• Entertainment gist: how upcoming artist can easily make it in music career (step 1)

    How upcoming artist can easily make it in music career.

    It’s not a new thing to  know that most top artist got known by a hit track or album. Getting into the music industry costs a lot and it’s not a matter of you having lots of songs.

    Most upcoming artist these days think that by having a lot of songs is enough to make them get bigger. But the real truth is if you don’t promote any of your songs, you’re not making a step up from the floor. Furthermore, if you’re thinking of getting bigger you need a budget and a plan of how to promote your song.

    Getting a recording studio is easy, you can even setup a home studio, but getting a good producer in Nigeria might be a little expensive. If you want to make it, you have to face it.

    Some upcoming artist do make good songs but still do not get anywhere because of no promotion or bad promotion. People think that sharing your songs to only friends and family is enough, that’s not even near enough.

    Sharing your new song to friends is just a start, it doesn’t mean you should just go to the studio and make another song. There are millions of people in Nigeria who you should be targeting to listen to your song.

    The good thing is that they are music blogs that can do that for you, yes some are expensive but if you are really ready to invest in your music, save up the money you’ll use to make more songs and focus on promoting one.

    While they might be expensive blogs there are also cheaper ones who can get the job done for you, like We get an average visit of 50,000 views per month looking for new songs everyday. With us your song can be available for them. Check out below how to promote your music to get to thousands of people.

    What and what do you need  in promoting your song
    Here i’m going to show you what to do and the things to avoid in promoting your songs.

    1.Avoid bad producers

    This is very necessary for all artist, if your producer does not put in much effort in creating a good quality for your song, stop working with that producer. wither you have a good voice or not the first thing people notice in a song is the quality. If your producer can’t make it good enough, then his not a good one. Friends and family might say it’s good but others won’t lie, if it’s terrible you’ll know.

    2. Don’t use free music sites

    Free music site is good to share your song, but the problem is only those you share the links with, download your song. Free sites don’t drive visits to your song or make them appear on google search engine tops easily. So using them will not promote your song.

    3. Use social media

    There are billions of people online always using social media, this is a good start for a new artist. You can share your songs on social media and use ads to get more music lovers to get to your song.

    4. Pay a music blog

    When you pay a music blog to upload and promote your songs for you, due to their high traffic and people searching for songs, you have a high chance of getting your song notice and creating a fan base. With a paid blog, your music can be found online easily without sharing links.

    5. Give your song to Djs

    Djs are the ones who mostly play songs for people at shows, clubs and other events. When you get your song to a dj, you get the chances of people wanting to know you.

    So, with these steps you’ll get a chance of having a change in your music career.

    Let us know what you think with this our guard lines. Leave your comment on the comment box let us reply you.


    1. Ok sir all u said is true but wen u go back to number 4 am confused ok let ask u like hw must will we pay for the music blog to make it appear on Google?

      1. Thanks for your question.. Naijatrackloaded charger's very or WhatsApp if you have any song to promote 08153471208